Sun 07/26/20 – OMC Monthly Ride: WeHo to Palos Verdes

Oedipus Motorcycle Monthly Ride – WeHo to Palos Verdes
Sunday, July 26th, 2020

Join us for a quick Palos Verdes ride led by Art.
Starting point: 9:30 am (Meet & Greet & Eat), ride starts at 10:00 am

Verve Coffee Roasters
8925 Melrose Ave
West Hollywood, CA 90069

Complete route:
Left heading West on Santa Monica Blvd
Optional stop for gas @ 76
Left on south Beverly Glen
Right on west Olympic
Left on Cotner ave
Right on Pico Blvd
Slight left on Gateway Blvd
Continue on Ocean Park Blvd
Left on Bernard Way
Right on Pacific
Left on Washington
Right on Palawan Way
Left on Admiralty Way
Left on Fiji Way
Right on Lincoln
Right on west Jefferson
Continue to Culver Blvd
Slight left on Vista Del Mar
Left on Rosecrans ave
Right on Sepulveda
Continue down PCH
Slight right on N Catalina
Right on Esplanade
Right on Paseo De La Playa
Right on Palos Verdes Dr West Blvd
Continue down W 25th st
Right on S Gaffey St
Left on W Paseo Del Mar
Stop at Walkers Cafe /friendship bell
(Optional route back)
Right on W Paseo Del Mar
Right on Gaffey St
Left on 25th
Right on Palos Verdes Dr East
Left Palos Verdes Dr North
Slight right on Palos Verdes Dr West
Left on PCH
Continue down sepulveda Blvd
Slight right on La Tijera
Slight left on La Cienega Blvd
Left on Wilshire
Right on North Robertson
Slight left on Melrose

Oedipus has a long and proud tradition of encouraging guests to join us on our rides. We don’t want to decline any rider who chooses to attend, but we have certain minimum expectations that we insist on – basically, a fully legal rider on a road-ready bike.
If you would like to ride with us, our requirements are the same as the state of California’s: 1) valid Class CM1 license; 2) current registration on your bike; 3) at least the legal minimum of insurance.
We also request that your bike be in good mechanical condition (good tires, no leaks, lights working, etc.). If you or your bike have an issue that would be noticed by a police officer in a traffic stop, we’ll probably notice it, too.
While we have no formal requirements on the subjective issue of gear, we strongly encourage both members and guests to dress appropriately. Full leathers might not be your thing, but road rash probably isn’t, either. If you have any questions or would like a recommendation on attire, please ask any member – several of us are enthusiastic experts on the topic of gear.
If you are a guest who has not ridden with us before, please review this 10-minute MSF Riding Safety Video . The first five minutes are the basics on bike maintenance and ride preparation, but please be sure to view from 4:55 to the end for information on group ride procedure and etiquette. We generally follow these principles, to ensure a safe and entertaining ride for everybody.
Our rides are neither a parade nor a sprint, all riders should proceed at their own pace. We tend to split into two or three organically pace-based groups, so there is no reason or need to race to keep up, please do not do so. The ride leader will stop at all direction decision points to allow the group to re-form. Please show the same courtesy and respect to other members on the ride – and other users of the road – that you would like to receive yourself.
If you have any questions or issues, please contact me before or during the ride, or ask any Oedipus member!

Eric Gilfand
Oedipus Regent 2020

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