Oedipus Sunday Ride to Neptune’s Net 11/27/2016

Oedipus Members & Friends,

Our last-minute post-Thanksgiving ride, “Neptune’s Net”, will take place on Sunday, November 27, 2016. Heavy rain on Sunday late morning or PCH closures will cancel the event. We will meet at Panera Bread, 501 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica. From I-10 West, exit Lincoln Blvd (CA-1 South) but head north (turn right on Lincoln), stop for gas at Mobil at Santa Monica Blvd on left if needed, continue north on Lincoln, turn left on Wilshire, stop at 5th Street. Street parking is available in front and along 5th Street as meters are free on Sunday. Please join us starting at 10:30am for meet & greet. Please be gassed up and ready for a prompt 11 am departure (yes, this ride leaves 1 hour later than normal). We will take the newly reopened California Incline to PCH and head north to Neptune’s Net at 42505 Pacific Coast Highway just before Yerba Buena Rd. After lunch, riders are on their own to continue exploring PCH or to go up Yerba Buena Rd for canyon riding if the roads are good. The simple route map is here: https://goo.gl/maps/xXgABWJnrKT2

Oedipus has a long and proud tradition of encouraging guests to join us on our rides. We don’t want to decline any rider who chooses to attend, but we have certain minimum expectations that we insist on –basically, a fully legal rider on a road-ready bike.
If you would like to ride with us, our requirements are the same as the state of California’s: 1) valid Class CM1 license; 2) current registration on your bike; 3) at least the legal minimum of insurance.

We also request that your bike be in decent mechanical condition (good tires, no leaks, lights working, etc), and that you wear at least reasonably appropriate gear. If you or your bike have an issue that would be noticed by a cop in a traffic stop, we’ll probably notice it, too.

If you are a guest who has not ridden with us before, please review this 10-minute MSF Riding Safety Video . The first five minutes are the basics on bike maintenance and ride preparation, but please be sure to view from 4:55 to the end for information on group ride procedure and etiquette. We generally follow these principles, to ensure a safe and entertaining ride for everybody.

Our rides are neither a parade nor a sprint, all riders should proceed at their own pace. We tend to split into two or three organically pace-based groups, so there is no reason or need to race to keep up, please do not do so. The ride leader will stop at all direction decision points to allow the group to re-form. Please show the same courtesy and respect to other members on the ride — and other users of the road— that you would like to receive yourself.

If you have any questions or issues, please contact me before or during the ride, or ask any Oedipus member.

Eric Gilfand
Oedipus Regent 2016OMC Ride Nov 27 16

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